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The Seven Days of Hexmas is upon us! Our yearly Holiday giveaway is LOADED with prizes! Along with our Blackest Friday Sale going on right now in the shop! Any purchase counts as five entries into the giveaway!



We soon will have an all new way to watch One Last Kill and The Box, but only at a limited quantity!

Our Limited Edition VHS Double Feature is jam packed with all new extras and commentary, but supplies will be "EXTREMELY" limited!

Stay tuned right here on the website for the release date!


Don't forget, while you're here, to pick a copy of "The Box" on Blu Ray, along with all of our other films in the shop! Links below!

BP2.0 final.jpg


We at It Came From The 508 Productions are always working toward our next project. We are currently in Pre-production on the next chapter of the Ties That Bind anthology, "Moving Day", finishing the story we began with "One Last Kill" and "The Box".  With the addition of "Strawberry Lane", we will also be pursuing other short film opportunities into 2020 and beyond.  Stay tuned for updates, because you never know what surprises we have up our sleeve!

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