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The Blu-Ray Disc for It Came From The 508's second film, The Box!


Two months after Carl Stefano's killing spree was brought to it's bloody end, in the sleepy town of Longview, Massachusetts, an estranged husband and wife struggle to reconcile after the disappearance of their daughter two years beforehand. Until a discovery, buried in their backyard, forces worst fears to crawl to the surface.

Some things should stay buried.


Written and directed by James D. Lamond

Cinematography by Paul A. Turgeon

Starring: Erica Looker, Dan Bouchard, and Bob Mendell

The Box Blu-Ray Disc

  • We at It Came From The 508 produce all of our own physical media, from the design of the inserts and labelling, to the encoding of our media itself. As a result of this do it yourself approach, we can not guarantee our discs will be compatable with all Blu Ray media players.

    If you experience any issues with your Blu Ray Disc, do not hesitate to email us at, and we will service your needs promptly.