Two months after Carl Stefano's killing spree was brought to its bloody end, in the sleepy town of Longview, Massachusetts, an estranged husband and wife struggle to reconcile after the disappearance of their daughter two years beforehand. Until a discovery, buried in their back yard, forces their worst fears to crawl to the surface

Some Things Should Stay Buried


Journey into the pit of darkness and witness the twisted fantasies of two depraved killers.  Harry Meyland is a lonely man with a sinister secret.  Billy Crawford is a dangerous psychopath with a penchant for blood.  What could happen when two depraved madmen fight for the same victims?  Journey down Strawberry Lane.  Sit back.  Relax.  And prepare to lose you mind.  


Carl Stefano is looking for an escape. An escape from his past, an escape from his addictions, and an escape from himself. His search is stopped short when he meets a young hitchhiker promising him one last fix, but he will soon learn... When looking for one last kill, no debt goes unsettled. One Last Kill is the first part of It Came From The 508 Productions' anthology series "The Ties that Bind".