It Came From The 508 Productions was formed with the goal of creating horror films with the horror fan in mind. Focusing on original stories, and original takes on existing folklore, we strive to bring truly frightening tales to life. To accomplish this, we aim to work with other artists in our local area in every facet of media. Our name, "It Came From The 508", is a testament to our commitment to utilizing the rich landscape and history of New England to create truly terrifying and disturbing films.


Our process of building our studio began with a simple Facebook status: "I want to make a horror movie." With that, we formed a core group of people passionate about film making, specifically horror films. Over the last year, we've honed our craft, it has been a a learning experience that we hope to continue to grow and succeed further with every film. We hope you enjoy our content, and look forward to hearing feedback from all of you. We are horror. By fans, for fans.

"We're all in here, daddy" 

- Abigail philips